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  • Jordan Mizvitch

    When I first started looking for homes around the Bay Area, A friend of mine recommended me to work with someone that she works with, which was David. I was hesitant at first, but my friend insisted to me to at least give him a shot. I got his phone number and called him up, and on the phone, he was friendly and immediately planned for me to meet him at Starbucks so that we could discuss my situation further. Frankly, I knew nothing about the San Mateo City area, as I just came in from the East Coast, but he showed me where the best schools were in this area, and was just generally very knowledgeable of the area. In the end, however, I ended up choosing not to buy a home in this area and went north to Washington, as I had another more lucrative job offer up there by Microsoft. I don't regret giving him a call and I hope that you would try and give him a call as well.

  • Buyer

    David and Angela are amazing! We can't thank them enough for our first home purchase. They both have an amazing sense of market value and a good eye for spotting the best investment potentials. They are very courteous, professional, prompt, and very warm at heart. We are a first time home buyer and we didn't know a thing about buying a home or reading disclosures. In this incredibly competitive market, David and Angela helped us purchase our very first single-family home. Because of their extensive network and keen knowledge, we always were the top three bidders to buy any home of our choice, of course at the right price. In every bidding war, they gave us the right advice and we purchased an amazing house with amazing value. Thank you, David and Angela, it's only been two months since our purchase and our home value has increased at least by 50K! You guys rock!

  • Scott Sampson

    As first time home buyers, my wife and I needed lots of guidance every step of the buying process. David and his lovely wife Angela were true advocates on our behalf. They work tirelessly and are (almost magically) always available when you need them. We could not be happier that we met and worked with them on this purchase! They have intimate knowledge of the local markets (down to the neighborhood level), have a thorough grasp of pricing, cost, and regulations of renovations. They are excellent communicators and negotiators, and their integrity and professionalism are beyond reproach. In addition, they were able to view things from the perspective of an investor - something we did not know we were looking for at first but became an important asset as we further refined our goals.

  • Buyer

    David and his wife, Angela, are truly accountable and knowledgeable agents that one can hope to work with. They look out for their clients and always keep the clients' interests in mind when dealing with the other side of the table. They helped us buy our last property, and the whole experience was very positive. They provided the market information timely, took the time to talk to us to understand our needs, and more importantly, analyzed the market thoroughly to suggest the right offer price for us to put in. We got the house and have lived there happily. Thanks, David and Angela for doing such a wonderful job! By the way, they also helped us solve the loan issues along the way.

  • Buyer and Seller

    David helped us navigate issues with a property that was previously in mediation and later became available. Since the location is super convenient and schools are great, we decided to give it a try. He highlighted and identified issues with that property through disclosures and inspections. We discussed each issue and received contractor bids for peace of mind. Have it not been David, we would not had the knowledge to deal with the issues that seem complicated on the surface but can easily resolve with the right contractor. In this environment, we realized we have to go the extra mile in order to obtain the property that makes good investment sense for our family.

  • Seller

    I had the pleasure of meeting David and his wife Angel when my brother became ill and I needed to sell his property. As I lived in Ohio, and the property was located in Oakland, this could have been quite a task. They discussed several options with me, and it was decided that we would remodel the property before listing it. They took care of all of the permits, construction snafus, and all of the confusion that comes with a total remodel. As a result, we were able to get exactly what we expected for the property. They both went above and beyond what I would typically expect a real estate broker to do. I wouldn't list my house with anyone else.

  • Buyer

    David and Angel are a rare find and truly a dynamic duo in real estate. They are always enthusiastic when showing properties and don't mind spending the time necessary to turn over every rock to find that dream property. In my high standards, they are diligent, honest, and hardworking. David and Angel are very resourceful even after we purchased the property by locating the most reasonably priced tradespersons to handle issues arise which make our lives so much easier! During property tours, they will educate us on local pockets and analyze each opportunity. They know property values and dynamics from week to week! That was our edge!

  • Buyer and Seller

    Best agent you can find! Extremely knowledgeable, and the best negotiator for housing prices. David is absolutely amazing! He and his wife Angela helped me purchased three properties at very reasonable prices for the past three years, one I already sold and made quite a bit of profit within one year. I think everyone can use a brilliant agent like David at this competitive real estate market to find your dream home or to make a profit on your real estate investment!

  • Buyer

    David Wang is a very responsible, professional, and amicable man. As an agent he is professional; he knows almost everything about local houses. He is very critical when it comes to the price of the houses. The prices that he suggests his customer's bid are always accurate. His friendly attitude and responsible actions are a perfect agent for customers who want to buy houses/ land at reasonable prices.

  • Buyer

    I was looking to buy a home in San Mateo and was working with David. I didn't know what I would do without him. He is very service oriented and is very good at what he does. He has taught me a lot about the home buying process. I tell everyone about how great he is! He helped me secure a great property with a great price in the crazy seller's market. He is awesome!

  • Richard Lee

    David helped me to sell my Mountain View home at a nice premium and locate a replacement home for us which we could afford to buy in Milpitas. He helped us stage the old home with our own materials which kept the sales process cost under control. David walked us through each step of the two processes so we felt wewere in complete control at all times.

  • Senea Choe

    There was always a quick response and detail to the transaction. Very helpful to my husband and me during the whole process, and explained thoroughly and patiently. He works closely with his wife who is also an agent and the team of them is a bargain, their knowledge and opinions of each neighborhood/location were on point. Would highly recommend him!

  • Buyer

    David is great. He is very knowledgeable about the San Mateo area and helped us bid the perfect price to get our house! Plus he and his wife Angela really go the extra step to help you remodel your house after purchase.

  • Buyer and Seller

    David helped me and my family to get home, my situation was very complicated and he was able to make it happen. He was able to make things look really easy and I highly recommend them!

  • Buyer

    David and Angela were very helpful. At no time did we feel pressured to buy or bid up a property. Helped us get a house in a very competitive market.

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    With over 15 years in property sales and management experience We are dedicated and passionate, professional for your satisfaction before all else. Thank you for the great opportunity to serve for your real estate needs. We are skilled and experienced in the art of selling and buying homes.

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